Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “DEI”

Diversity, equity, and inclusion “DEI” is essential in today’s business landscape. While we all agree that diversity is our greatest strength, implementing policies that reflect this belief can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. Contact a Business Attorney to discuss your company’s DEI goals and needs. Sentient Law can help you implement DEI policies, draft contracts with an eye towards DEI, and assist you with compliance with state, local, and federal rules and regulations governing DEI. 

Policies Include:

  • Best Practices for Preventing Harassment & Discrimination
  • Codes of Conduct Policy
  • H.R. Policies for Addressing Harassment & Discrimination
  • H.R. Policies for Attracting & Retaining Diverse Talent
  • Investors’ Rights Agreement (with DEI Provision)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policies — (Francisco Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance (“FFWO”)
  • Diversity Policies — (New York Paid Family Leave Policy)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Policies — (San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Policy)

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