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Sentient Law is not just another business law firm. We are a key strategic partner for your venture.

While most law firms are thinking about their bottom-line and billable hours, we believe in creating value for your business. At Sentient, we’re conscious of how impactful legal services can be on the success, or quite frankly the failure, of any business. So we’re sensitive to how precious capital can be to early-stage companies and we don’t bill for simple phone calls and correspondence. There are no surprises with Sentient Law.

Instead, we take a collaborative approach with our clients. We craft a legal plan in flat-fee, project-based steps to ensure that you only pay when we contribute value to your venture. We believe that legal services should be a catalyst for your growth and success, not another start-up expense. Schedule your free consultation today by contacting us at [email protected] or (312) 650-9087.