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What is a Free Consultation?

At Sentient Law, Ltd. we are proud to offer potential clients free consultations. However, to avoid any confusion as to what a free consultation entails, we have taken a moment to provide this disclaimer explaining what a free consultation is and what it is not.

Free consultations are available to potential clients only. That means that the person must be seeking to hire a business attorney. For those merely searching for legal advice, we offer consultations for a fee. This is because the purpose of a free consultation is to determine whether the parties are interested in working together and if such a relationship would be beneficial.

The purpose of a free consultation is to provide a potential client with information regarding the services that we provide. It is also a chance for our team to gather information from the potential client and to explain IF and HOW we can help them. If we can help them, we explain the options regarding how we can help them. We also take this opportunity to provide the potential client with fee quotes. We happily answer general and reasonable questions the potential client presents, but we cannot provide specific legal advice, review, or approve documents or redlines, or opine on specific legal matters.

The purpose of a free consultation is to provide a potential client with a sound idea as to what services we provide. We want our clients to feel comfortable with us, with our services, and with our prices. If the potential client decides he or she is not comfortable with any one of these things, we want them to have a chance to move on to another attorney before paying us any money. This is where the free consultation comes into play.