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Legal Services for Start-Ups

Sentient Law is not just another business or start-up focused law firm. Bringing in the right attorney in the start-up process is one of the best things you can do for your new business. We believe in forming a long-term strategic partnership for your venture so your business can expand. Attorney Matt Rossetti has helped construct the right agreements, customized for thousands of companies. 

While most business law firms are thinking about their bottom-line and billable hours, we believe in creating value for your start-up business. At Sentient, we’re conscious of how crucial start-up legal services can be to the success, or quite frankly the failure, of any business. We’re sensitive to how precious capital can be to early-stage companies, and we don’t bill for simple phone calls and correspondence. Sentient Law is the perfect solution for companies of all stages. Our affordable fee-structures include contingency, hourly, flat-fee, equity, and any combination thereof.

There are no surprises with Sentient Law.

Flat-Fee / Project Based

Instead, we take a collaborative approach with our clients. We craft a legal plan in flat-fee, project-based steps to ensure that you only pay when we contribute value to your venture. Contact us now to inquire about our affordable startup packages today.

Areas of Practice

  • Entity Planning, Selection, and Formation
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Deferred Compensation Plans (Employee Stock Ownership Plans, Stock Appreciation Rights, etc.)
  • Dynamic Equity Agreements
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration & Mediation)
  • Labor and Employment
  • Executive Estate Planning
  • Slicing Pie Lawyer

Austin Start-Up Attorney

Our mission is to provide affordable, intelligent, and responsive legal services to your business venture. At Sentient Law, we know that it is hard to trust attorneys for many reasons: poor advice, unreasonable fees, suspicious actions, etc. Sentient Law understands those concerns; we have developed our entire model upon building client trust. For us, confidence is building upon mutually open and honest communication. The attorney-client relationship is very important to us. Working with us, you’ll find we have dedicated ourselves to your effective representation.


Sentient Law is a firm with a mentality found on meeting client interests through creative problem-solving and transparency. As with any business, Sentient Law’s success is directly attributable to the ability of its members to collaborate effectively toward team goals. We know that companies expect us to deliver, and we strive to exceed expectations every day. Our passion for law makes being accessible to clients something we embrace. We provide timely legal services to stay ahead of clients’ strenuous time schedules.


At Sentient Law, effectiveness works hand-in-hand with timeliness. Within the notion of effectiveness, we include efficiency as well. Quality work product means providing clients with legal documents and services on which they can depend. Each member of Sentient Law has the capability and desire to step in at a moment’s notice and save a business from making costly missteps. We pride ourselves on using our collective talents to establish secure business connections and positively impact each of our clients.

Our Goal

In the end, Sentient Law takes the role of outside general counsel very seriously. Educating our attorney team members about a variety of business and legal matters, including tax and alternative dispute resolution, is only the beginning. By focusing on the balance of cost and effective legal services, we give our clients the best of both worlds.

We hope that we can demonstrate our dedication to creating long-term relationships with you as our client. We look forward to working with the next great venture.

Sentient Law wants to be the catalyst for your growth and success!

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Sentient Law—Perceiving and conceiving legal solutions that add value to your growing business. Where most business law firms see legal problems to avoid, Sentient Law perceives the paths to take your company to success. At Sentient Law, we believe that entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, and small businesses deserve the same level of legal counsel that larger companies receive through their in-house general counsel, but at a budget-friendly cost. We are committed to providing affordable, intelligent, and responsive outside general counsel services to your business.